Scarsdale Vision Center - Promotions
Scarsdale Vision Center
  • Eyeglass + Contact Package for $175: Includes one pair of yearly wear contacts and a complete pair of eyeglasses(Selected Frames).Lens include single vision, plastic only(Add-Ons Extra)
    **Price excludes Exam**
    Mention Deal for Discounted Price
    Regular Contact Exam: $80, plus one free pair of clear, disposable contact lens
    **Expires:June 25,2005**

  • Affordable Frame +Lens Packages: Prices Range from as low as $105-$135(Selected Frames)
    Lens include single vision,plastic lens (Options Extra)
    *ADD Lined Bifocal: $50
    *ADD No-Line Bifocal: $80
    **Prices exclude exam**

    Eyeglass Exam: $40, Contact Exam: $80
    **Expires: June 25, 2005**

  • Two Pairs for $99: Two Complete Pair of eyeglasses for $99(Select frames)
    Includes single vision, plastic only (Options Extra)
    ~Add Lined Bifocal: $50/ pair
    ~Add No-Line Bifocal: $80/pair
    ****Prices exclude exam****

    Eyeglass exam: $40; Contact Exam: $80

    **Expires: June 25, 2005**